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"Art must take you on a journey that connects one's vision - to one's heart. My art is a spiritual adventure to explore for deeper meaning than what one merely sees with the eyes. I am a happy, loving person and this joy for life shows up in my art. Time stops during those hours spent in the studio. It is truly my "Happy Place"! My wish is that each of my paintings bring a sense of that joy, happiness and love into your hearts, home, or place of business. Whether in an abstract painting - or a more realistic scenes - my purpose is to draw the viewer into the work to always find more than what initially meets the eye.”


Joanna Cislak

Joanna's intimate connection with art began many years ago as a girl in the Polish Highlands that ascend into the Tatry Mountains. The distant views endlessly embrace and envelop the people of this special place. For Joanna this love had to be expressed through painting. 

Joanna is a self-taught artist - with a strong connection to Chicago's thriving art scene. Her favorite medium is acrylics, ink, charcoal and pastels. Her subject matter alternates between abstract, still-life, figurative or landscape - but it is always authentic. Joanna loves to create intuitively using many different techniques and tools - and on several different types of substrates as well. Canvas - art paper and Clayboard all react differently to the paint which leads to different energy, thought and approach to the rendering of a piece.

Joanna's creative inspiration comes her way from ideas in seen in nature, urban settings, or even in a heartfelt conversation - and she has learned much from a handful of other artists. Her main mentor is Peter Blindt with whom she shares a large art studio. Peter is a mid-career painter - having painted professionally for 20 years. Both Joanna and Peter often assist each other in visualizing possible next steps in achieving a remarkable painting. As a painting advances - some steps can entirely change the outcome.

Only a year of professional painting - and Joanna's accomplishments are already impressive with work sold in Europe, Canada and in the US.

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