The 12 Days of Christmas is a favorite Christmas Carol in all English-speaking cultures that has its origins in the 1700's. It became quite popular in the 1800's as a delightful story of a woman receiving ever greater numbers of gifts from her True Love over the 12 days of Christmas. To this day - it is a delight!

The true meaning of the Angels of the 12 Days - is that an angel is always with us... that we can always access that warmth, mystery, and sense of peace each day. Perhaps because of the special meaning of Christmas - we are able to feel that more during these days.

So - as you'll see - we have an angel overlooking each of those 12 days and the gifts represented in them from this very famous song. Beginning with the best remembered "Partridge in a Pear Tree ' - and ending with the "12 Lords-a-Leaping" on the `12th day.

The gifts of those 12 days are:

1)  Partridge in a pear- tree
2)  Turtle doves
3)  French hens
4)  Colly birds
5)  Gold rings
6)  Geese a laying
7)  Swans a swimming
8)  Maids a milking
9)  Ladies dancing
10)  Lords a leaping
11)  Piper's piping
12)  Drummers drumming