This is the style of art for which I am best known. The finish is a white or yellow gold that creates a rich, dynamic and moody feeling to the work - BUT - makes it impossible to photograph because of "hot-spots" from the lighting. You can see those areas on each of these photos. To get a better sense for the work - please click this link  to go to my YouTube channel for a very short video presentation.

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This style of work resulted from a confluence of influences. Since childhood - because of my mothers influence due to her love of the great American Abstract Expressionists - I have been a fan of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn and Piet Mondrian. In my own way, in this style I attempt to gather the all-over, scattered randomness of Pollock and put that with the geometric sensibility of Diebenkorn, Rothko and Mondrian. When you get close to one of these paintings - you'll find that in at least some of the little "mossaic" sections - is a gestural energy vaguely reminiscent of Kline or Motherwell. Each one of these works has a great deal of detail in each little mossaic section. It's a very involved and lengthy process (all done with a pallet knife) that ends with a two-stage finishing process. The final stage is a fine gold metallic (or other metallic finish) that creates a dynamic life in these works. Depending on the type of day - or lighting during the evening - these paintings can have very different moods. Note that in most of the photos of these paintings - it appears that there is a lighter area. This is a "hot spot" from the photographic lighting. It is impossible to give a truly realistic sense for this particular style of work without seeing it in person.

This is the style of work that first really caught on for me in a big way more than 17yrs ago. They have a modern appeal - yet also a sense of antiquity. As you get closer to one of these works - it becomes apparent that they are like a symphony of tiny abstract sections that harmoniously express a theme. To date - my most noted collector was James Tyree - the former CEO of Mesirow Financial and the leader of the group that acquired The Chicago SunTimes more than 10 years ago. Next to this write-up is a picture from a story on Mr Tyree that ran in the Sun Times and shows my painting. Mr Tyree told me personally that this particular painting was by far his favorite in his collection. He placed it above his credenza and told me that he'd spend hours each day on the phone working on business and would love to just allow his eye to search for new detail in each of the parts of the painting.